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‘Ionpolis’ purifies water used in the shower, wash basin, and even in …

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‘Ionpolis’ purifies water used in the shower, wash basin, and even in the kitchen sink
By Nancy -May 26, 2021

-A popular dual filter showerhead that removes rust and chlorine in water

-Selected as ‘Brand K (K),’ a joint brand for small and medium-sized businesses and officially initiated overseas marketing

Tap water is supplied to homes and industries through water pipes only after undergoing various filtration processes and being treated with chlorine. However, there are many cases in which impurities in tap water are not completely removed due to various causes such as performance deterioration of water purification plant and worn-out water pipes. ‘Ionpolis Co., Ltd.,’ a company that specializes in manufacturing environment-friendly water-related products, is breaking ground in allowing wider access to safe and clean water by applying the ‘Head Vitamin Filter,’ which removes chlorine, and the ‘Body Sediment Filter,’ which removes rust and debris in water used in showers, kitchen faucets, and wash basins.

Ionpolis Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 as a specialized company that exports highly functional water-related products including alkaline water ionizers and hydrogen water generators. As Ionpolis secures water purification technology and handles highly functional water-related products, demand from business partners, overseas buyers, and customers for ‘showerheads’ equipped with high-performance filters has increased. Kyujin Hwang, the CEO of Ionpolis, explains that the “Existing products use a filter in the body and an antibacterial ball in the head, but the result of the self-examination shows that the antibacterial ball is not very effective. Ionpolis is the first in Korea to develop a filtering technology which removes rust, chlorine, and other impurities at once. After completing product development and stability examinations started in June 2017, Ionpolis has launched a showerhead with a built-in double filter only within a year.”

In 2018, Ionpolis introduced the ‘V+ Dual Shower head,’ which has a vitamin filter instilled on the shower head that removes chlorine and a sediment filter instilled on the shower body that removes rust and foreign substances. This product has gained sensational popularity among young people. Since the built-in dual filter not only enhances the water purification process but also complements the interior aesthetics with its trendy design and various colors, it has captured the attention of young people who value visual aesthetics. With these efforts, Ionpolis is supplying showerheads to over 20 brands as OEM. The product lineup, which started out as a single model three years ago, now reaches up to 30.

The reason Iopolis is able to quickly enter the market as a late-comer in the showerhead industry is because CEO Kyujin Hwang has invested the ‘mold design and injection technology’ and ‘the process of carrying out 80% of the filter production within a single building.’ He explains, “Because we have secured the mold technology, we can secure product durability and design competitiveness, and expand the product lineup to manufacture various products. Since most of the manufacturing process can be carried out in a single factory, the reduction of production costs and logistics costs, as well as short delivery times and quick A/S response are made possible.”

Ionpolis has upgraded the function of the shower product by instilling a temperature display technology. The “LED vitamin shower,” which is called the third-generation vitamin shower device, is applied with non-powered LED temperature display technology. “After our company launched a vitamin filter in the shower head in 2018, many manufacturers are rapidly turning to instilling the vitamin in the shower head, which is becoming the standard,” says CEO Kyujin Hwang. “Since we expected such move, we are taking a step further by applying a ‘semi-permanent LED’ to the neck of the shower head with the function of a head filter and a body filter, and adopting a technology that can detect a temperature sensor,” Hwang explains.

Besides the ‘V+ dual filter shower,’ Ionpolis also manufactures vitamin filter shower, hydrogen water dispenser, mouthwash with gargle filter, hydrogen mist, portable hydrogen water dispenser, and ion water dispenser to domestic and foreign markets. This company was recently selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups as a ‘Small and Medium Business Joint Brand K(K)’ product. As a result, the company is allowed to use the Brand K logo and receives support in entering exclusive stores in Korea and abroad, and in producing promotional materials. In addition, the company can participate in overseas marketing projects conducted by the SMEs, such as the participation in export consultations and entering overseas shopping malls.

Kyujin Hwang, the CEO of Ionpolis, says, “Because the remote era is expected to accelerate further in the future, we would like to adopt a technology which notifies filter replacement cycle according to water usage by incorporating IT technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Through smartphones, we will be able to provide advanced services to customers by providing them with filter replacement information according to the quality of the water in the user’s house, and manage customers by sharing this data.” Hwang shares that the development of related products has already begun and will be completed by the end of year 2022.


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