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Mold design and production for OEM/ODM

IONPOLIS develops and releases new products every year based on the know-how and knowledge of water-related products accumulated over the years. When product development such as OEM/ODM is required
Ionpolis is 1. Mold design and manufacturing, 2. Injection mold, 3. Plastic injection, 4. Mass production 5. Product storage, 6. Post processing, 7. Injection molding, etc. All processes related to product development and production are carried out in a one-stop line, so it is possible to do it all in one place without going through multiple companies.
Since all processes are carried out on our own, the process can be carried out in a short time and unnecessary expenses are not incurred.

In addition, when a product problem is found, it can be quickly supplemented and improved because it proceeds with its own process.

With these advantages, we have produced products for many customers in Korea as well as around the world through OEM and ODM methods.

In the future, we will continue to build on our continuous research and efforts to create products that customers and consumers demand from small to large products. We will grow into a global company that advances into the world with continuous growth.

OEM/ODM Partners


maintenance & Repair

There are various types and methods of mold.
Any type of mold, such as general cold runner mold / hot runner mold / 2-stage, 3-stage mold / plate ejection method / gear mold / hydraulic cylinder, With accumulated know-how and knowledge, we help repair and repair molds by identifying problems with molds that require repair or maintenance.

product injection

We inject and produce parts with precise tolerances based on molds of excellent quality. We produce products that meet customer needs through strict QC and quality control.


OEM / ODM Success Method with Ionpolis

Mold injection is a manufacturing method that produces a final product rather than a prototype. If you want OEM/ODM, collaborating with a trusted professional company is the shortcut to successfully completing the project.
Optimization must be done from the design stage to produce the best product. This can be realized through communication between the client who knows the product best and the specialized company that can realize it.

Ionpolis is your project success partner.