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  • History


  • 2021

    01 Acquired standard workplace certification for the disabled

    01 Designated as a promising export small business by the Ministry of Small and Medium Business Venture

    02 Public Procurement Service Nara Market Product Registration

    04 Designated as an innovative procurement product by Public Procurement Service

  • 2020

    01 Ionpolis K washbasin filter kit released

    01 Thailand branch established

    01 Start to Sell Ionpolis products in Vietnam Online Market

    02 Registered a patent for filter mouthwash

    05 Awarded the Best Entrepreneur Award from Incheon City

    10 Relocated to a new office building

  • 2019

    02 Homeplus rinse-free shower stall

    02 Kitchen, washbasin, to be released in April

    02 Participated in indonesian and Myanmar market

    05 Participation in Poland, Turkey market development group(expected)

    07 Participation in Taiwan market pioneering group

    07 Designated as an excellent quality product by Incheon City

    09 Acquired KC certification

    10 Acquire eco-friendly certification

  • 2018

    02 Registered patent for vibration shower with LED display funtion(No. 10-1826750)

    04 Hyundai Home Shopping rust removal shower broadcasting

    05 SK store Home Shopping rinse-off shower broadcasting

    05 Obtained portable hydrogen gas CE certificaion

    05 Obtained KC certification for portable hydrogen generator

    06 New building of headquarters moved to Incheon Metropolitan City

    07 Registered patent for electrolyzer cleaner of ionizer (10-1878448)

    04 Filed a patent for a water-pick with a goggle filter function

    10 Patent application for multi-stage filter water purification system

    11 ISO9001:2009 quality management system certification Shower and faucet additional certification

  • 2017

    01 Application of Vibration Shower with LED Display

    06 Completion of 59 items test result

    06 Completion of safety test of portable hydrigen handler container

    07 Selection of a project to support the promotion of small-scale products

    12 Designation of promising small and medium enterprises for export of venture businesses

  • 2016

    01 Ionplis Inc. establish

    02 Establish Ionpolis Homepage(

    03 Factory registration

    04 Establishment of Research Warfare Division

    04 Patent application of electrolyzer cleaner of Ionizer machine 10-2016-0041396

    04 Ionpolis trademark application 4 cases

    10 Ionpolis trademark registration 4 cases

    10 ISO9001:2009 Quality Management System

    11 Patent Registration No. 10-1174293

    11 Transfer of portable awning device patent No. 10-1481736

    11 Venture business registration

    12 Selection of Export Frontier Companies in Gyeonggi Province