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Skin troubles! Dry skin! Pimples! Various skin troubles!
Water we use to wash contains not only bacteria but also chlorine which damages skin!!
Now, just add a filter! No matter what type, all you need to do is connect!!!
Filled with vitamin C gel famous for antioxidant effects!
Vitamin bomb on my skin!!! Moisture bomb!!! Health bomb!!!
Strengthen skin barrier!!! Please remove chlorine residue~ no more worries of skin troubles!
Subtle and refreshing lemon fragrance! Effect of aroma therapy!!!
V vitamin filter!!!

I installed vitamin filter and functional showerhead, and it is so great for skin and I can conserve water – taking baths has never been so pleasant.
First! Vitamin C shower~ for skin care!
Vitamin C famous for its antioxidant effects!
Don’t just apply or consume, but now, shower!!! Full of natural vitamin C factors
Inside the showerhead!!!
Orange color vitamin C meet with water and all along the time taking a shower~
It refreshes with vitamin c waterfall!
Vitamin C shower~ for soft and smooth skin!
One-step elimination of chlorine which damages skin!!!
Healthy water~ healthy skin~
V vitamin filter!!
Vitamin shower makes skin soft – there is no need for moisturizer. It’s just wonderful.

Second! Anion! Aroma therapy in one!!!
Shots and shots of pure anions! As if you are at a luxury spa~
Aroma therapy effect with lemon fragrance!!!
Relaxes tight muscles! Refreshing sensation and relief from daily fatigue!
No more fatigue, you feel so light!
Because water massage with vitamin C when feeling tired and fatigued
Eliminates all the fatigue as if you are at the hot springs.

Third, installing the functional showerhead for improved function!!!
Vitamin filter and functional showerhead for high dimensional 3-stage filter!
Body filter! Antibacterial ball! Triple head filter~
Eliminates not only rust and floating matter! But also bacteria from water and showerhead!
Elimination of even chlorine!!! The refreshing sensation of bathing and washing in sterilized water at all times!!
Shots and shots of pure anions!
280 watering plates! Ultra fine water stream of 0.22mm!!
As if standing under the waterfall~ spraying down~
Elimination effect of foreign substances lodged in pores!!
Powerful water stream becomes even stronger!!!
You ask, wouldn’t it waste water?
Even when kept running for the same period of time! The reliable effect with water conservation test complete, which found the reduction of actual use of water!

Prospective Small and Medium Export Company which exports to 30 countries of the world!
Selected as one of Korea Hit 500! Selected as Gyeonggido Export Frontier! Selected as Prospective Small and Medium Sized Export Company!
Product development, manufacture, distribution, and even export~!
Robust scale fully equipped with one-stop line!!!
Global showerhead shared by citizens of the world!!!
Relief, safety, ISO9001, heavy metals test, chlorine removal test, proudly made in Korea! Ionpolis
Now, use the Ionpolis V vitamin Filter~ Vitamin bomb, moisture bomb, meet your healthy skin!


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