ionpolis z ionizer $ hydrogen cleanser

2019.05.29 admin
Ionizer 0 660

1. Check the acidic hose size
of your ionizer.
2. Connect acidic hose to the fitting.
3. Fill water up to 80% into the main body and add cleaning
Solution(one spoon, 30ml) and let it dissolved in the water.
4. Place the end of flexible hose on the top of the main body
to allow water to flow down to the main body.
5. Switch on and leave it at least 15min.
* Citric acid is now surrounding and remove scale up on the ion-cell.
6. Switch off after 15min operation.
7. Empty water and fill clean water again up to 80% of the main unit.
8. Switch on and leave it at least 15min.
9. Switch off.
10. Remove acidic hose and flexible hose from the main body.
11. Turn on purified water of your alkaline water ionizer for 3~5 min to
flush out all citric acidic.


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