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Ionizer 0 649

This product is a medical device. Read the manual carefully before use.

Stylish design / Tempered Acrylic panel
Upgrade your kitchen in one step with the sleek design

LCD one-touch panel
LCD displays more vivid and bright image.

The highest specification with the powerful 250W SMPS among alkaline water ionizer brands
Generating alkaline water & acidic water, and water

Bright image by pH level
Advanced LCD display show different background color per pH level

Safe purification system through dual filters / 240 program mode to customize pH level
More clean and purified water through dual filters / Proper pH level customizing by 240 step power adjustment

Tune alkaline water in 350 program mode to your body. alkaline water ionizer.
Our body turns into acidic by stress, junk food, excessive alcohol and overeating
Alkaline water help improve chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal fermentation and excessive acid in stomach.

Do not drink normal water any more.

Abundant mineral water, hydrogen-rich water, quickly absorbed water with small water cluster

8 glass of alkaline water per day. Feel difference day by day.
Lydia alkaline water ionizer is certified as ISO9001, 14001, KFDA, KGMP, CE, FCC, NRTL and HALAL
Drink healthy water, alklaine water.


12 step purification system! alklaine water.

Easy installation to hook up to faucet! Removing sediment and impurities, and staying mineral by dual fllters
Lydia alkaline water ionizer supply clean, high pH water and hydrogen-rich water.

Creating 5 steps in alkaline water, 4 steps in acidic water and 1 step in purified water.
The most powerful 500W SMPS loading on the market
Deliver vivid and bright image on the LCD, Various color change every pH level.

Automatic cleaning system protect the device from being scaled.
Patent smart filter chip monitors filter life and indicates the exact time to change the filters.


Alkaline water is the result of an electrolysis process.
This process actually electrifies the water between two points: a cathode, a
negative conductor and an anode, a positive conductor.
The result of this electrical charge is separation and concentration of alkaline
minerals and acidic mineral.


Water is the most important factor to live. Water comprise 70% of the body.
Choose Lydia water to remove active oxygen and to contain abundant mineral.
Right choice for your family's health. alkaline water ionizer, HYDROGEN WATER


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