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IONPOLIS, Tumbler Hydrogen Generator Ion Maker
Model Name ICH-0095
Adapter AC 100V~120V or AC 220V~240V / 50~60Hz / DC 3.7V, 0.2A
Use temperature 5~40℃
Body Size 265(H) x 75(D) mm / 500ml
Weight 350g
Electromagnetic compatibility record MSIP-REI-GSK-TEM-T1-210

Beneficial water in my hand!

Carrying hydrogen generator ion care tumbler when! Enjoy handful of water anywhere easily.

  • Convenience

    Convenient with fast hydrogen generation with a single button

  • Good health

    It is harmless to the human body and 99.9% sterilizing agent

  • Economic

    Semi-permanent use

A small number of health care maker!

Hydrophilic water is absorbed into the whole body 30 minutes, 30 minutes after blood,
1 minute of brain and 10 minutes of genitalia, 20 minutes of liver, heart and height.

Effect of Hydrogen Water Maker

Ninety percent of the causes of our human illness are caused by excessive free radicals in the body. If these active oxygen are not reduced in the body, they will cause inflammation in the body or accelerate aging. Therefore, it is recommended to eat antioxidant foods such as vitamin C to eliminate it. Ion Plus H + helps to remove free radicals to generate hydrogen peroxide easily anywhere and anytime.

Antioxidant effect of 2 liters of hydrogen peroxide

High concentrations of water from 600 to 1,200 ppb are rich in minerals, neutral and weakly alkaline. It is a powerful antioxidant water that reduces the active oxygen in the body by drinking only one or two glasses of water. It also regenerates skin and cells in the body, reduces inflammation, and exerts excellent effects in preventing various adult diseases.

  • 1,512 bananas

  • 1,032 apples

  • 76 carrots

  • 90 spinach

By the insertion of the hydrogen generator Activates sterilizing.

Electrolyzes the common molecular water group of 120 ~ 250Hz And it makes molecular groups of 50 to 60 Hz Penetrates the pores of the skin It sterilizes the germs that cause skin problems. And helps remove waste.

Product characteristics

Hydrogen water tumbler IONPOLIS H2 is a product that has undergone various researches and numerous tests based on convenience/safety/technical power/design.

Hydrogen water is harmless to the human body
that removes free radicals and wastes from the body.

Use it semi-permanent!

· Economic
   It's easy to drink hydrogen anytime, anywhere.

· Ridium polymer battery
   Use it more than 50 times on a single charge to make it affordable and easy to carry.



  • /

    Touch button

  • /

    hook type handle

  • /

    rechargeable battery

  • /

    bottled water link

  • Easy operation with the touch button
    Touch lightly with your fingertips. It's a touch button that doesn't need to be pressed.
    Silicone pads hold the floor to minimize product push when touched.
  • hook type handle
    It's easy to carry and move. It's convenient to put your finger on the top of the handle.
  • rechargeable battery
    Lithium batteries are rechargeable, and can be recharged anytime, anywhere.
  • bottled water connection gender
    If necessary, you can add a regular bottled water bottle directly.


  • Eco-friendly materials - PETG containers
    There are no environmental hormones, and no harmful substances are generated when incinerated or discarded.
  • 2STEP Touch Detection to Prevent Malfunction
    Due to the nature of the touch button, 2STEP touch detection is applied to prevent the product from operating in an undesired state.
  • IONPOLIS, Tumbler Hydrogen Generator Ion Maker Button1

    Action Button Holds Touch for 2 seconds > Power on with beep

  • IONPOLIS, Tumbler Hydrogen Generator Ion Maker Button2

    Touch lightly once after power-on check > Start operation of hydrogen generator with beeper

Technical skill

  • platinum/titanium electrode
    electrode, one of the key components of the hydrogen generator : The platinum coating was applied to titanium to increase the efficiency of electrolysis.
  • Applying PEM technology / Maintaining stable dissolved hydrogen
    Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology is the safest and most eco-friendly method of electrolysis in existing hydrogen-producing units. Only pure hydrogen can be contained in water to maintain stable dissolved hydrogen.
IONPOLIS, Tumbler Hydrogen Generator Ion Maker Technical Skill


IONPOLIS, Tumbler Hydrogen Generator Ion Maker Design
  • faithful to the basics...
  • unnoticed but not lacking...
  • I'm more excited when I see them often than when I first met them....
  • Hydrogen tumbler with simple and modern appearance.
  • The stability of the black base and the blue body with a hidden purple color give off a deadly charm.