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IONPOLIS, Mist For Skin Health Hydrogen Water
Model Name ICH-1204
Adapter AC 100V~120V or AC 220V~240V / 50~60Hz / DC 3.7V, 0.2A
Use temperature 5~40℃
Body Size 165(H) x 30(D) mm / 30ml
Weight 96g
Electromagnetic compatibility record MSIP-REI-GSK-TEM-T1-210
PL insurance subscription number samsungfire 18403839040000

For skin health Hydrogen water mist

The Hydrogen water mist can be used semipermanently
99.9% sterilization of several bacteria Please take care of your skin with the hydrogen water mist that is harmless to the human body.

  • Convenience

    Convenient with fast hydrogen
    generation with a single button

  • Healthy

    It is harmless to the human body and
    99.9% sterilizing agent

  • Economic

    Semi-permanent use

Please use it like sterilization mist!

Face, hand, foot, toothbrush, goggles, household goods, etc.
It can be used in every place of life to maintain cleanliness.

  • Manage foot health cleanliness

  • Remove your own space germs

  • A car filled with various germs

  • Remove various fuit vegetables pesticide

  • Body Care

  • Ater cleansing/feeling dry

  • For a comfortable sleep

By the insertionof the hydrogen generator Activates sterilizing.

Electrolyzes the common molecular water group of 120 ~ 250Hz And it makes molecular groups of 50 to 60 Hz Penetrates the pores of the skin It sterilizes the germs that cause skin problems. And helps remove waste.

Sterilization process and principle

Hydrolysis of water molecule to produce hydroxyl group (OH-)

Bacteria that cause diseases! Sterilization test

After spraying with the portable sterilizer mist on the bacteria we test the bacterial reduction

Removes waste and disinfects the human body harmless hydro-mist

Use it semi-permanently!

· Tap water / bottled water use
It is easy to carry with tap water /
bottled water anytime and anywhere with environment friendly sterilizer.
· Using platinum titanium
Can be used semi-permanently using platinum titanium electrode plate.