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[Shower] Basic filter shower head


Basic filter shower head
1 product
80 * 260 mm
PP, Silicone, Stainless Steel
Ionpolis Co., Ltd. / Korea
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• Concise design with transparent finish
   Easy to check internal filter contamination

• Easy installation and filter replacement
• Built-in body & head double filter
   ↪ Removes rust, heavy metals, microplastics, residual chlorine, etc.

* Configuration of built-in filters may vary

• About 280 precision-machined micro-hole stainless water spray plates
   ↪ water pressure rise
   ↪ Outstanding water-saving effect Acquired eco-friendly label certification from the Ministry of Environment
   ↪ Certification number: 20894 / Reason for certification: Improved resource circulation


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Selected as a promising export small and medium-sized business for 4 consecutive years & Acquired Korea guarantee brand K.
As a priority purchase item for public institutions registered with the Public Procurement Service, it is supplied to domestic companies / government offices such as Korail Distribution Co., Ltd., Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Ministry of Small and Medium Business Venture Business, Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration, Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, East Gyeonggi Branch