• vitamin filter


For sink. It is recommended for such people.

  • I live in an old house.
  • I'm worried about the green tea coming out of the sink.
  • When I wash my face, I'm worried about my skin.
  • I have a bad mouth when I brush my teeth.
  • I want to save water bill.
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Fabric & Vitamin Filters

  • Foreign substances of above 1㎛~5㎛ removal.
  • Remove debris from entering the house through old water pipes.
  • Remove chlorine with vitamins.
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Easy installation

  • 1. Remove the gender attached to the wash basin with the wrench supplied with the product..
  • 2. Select and assemble the gender suitable for the faucet from the six types of gender included in the product.
  • 3. Some leaks may occur depending on the model of sink, please replace with the included silicone packing.
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Increase water pressure & water saving effect

  • 280 fine micro holes with water saving effect and 0.25Ø size increase hydraulic pressure effect.
  • The ionpolis head generates 315,000 (ion / co) negative ions.
  • Precision machined stainless steel spray plate provides powerful hydraulic pressure rise.
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My Family Health Guard Ionpolis S Sediment Wash Basin Filter

  • Foreign substance entering through aged pipe.
  • Washbasin with rusty water.
  • When washing your face, when you brush your teeth.
  • We will protect your family's health.
  • Ionpolis S Wash Basin Vitamin Filter