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Sediment filter

  • Foreign substances of above 3㎛~5㎛ removal
  • Remove any foreign substances entering the home through the old water pipes.
  • Sediment filter is used for water purifier so it is safe.
  • double filter structure remove foreign substances more efficient at body part once and at head part one more.
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Vitamin C filter

  • Natural highly concentrated vitamin C antioxidants.
  • Removal of residual chlorine in tap water.
  • The lime induce the aging of skin.
  • Vitamin C is an environmentally friendly acid substance that's why when lime water reacts with vitamin C, does not create calcified residue.
  • Antioxidants prevent skin aging.
  • Put filtered vitamin C water(Ph4) in lime water(Ph9.5)
  • The mixing water to be a slightly acid(Ph6-6.5)
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Aroma therapy

  • It is mixed with the natural scent from plants and the natural vitamin C which helps you relax, refresh and recovery from fatigue.
  • you can choose the aroma scent that you want it!
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